The Last Nazi Hunter 2

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After a life hunting Nazis, Jacob Cohn finds himself bedridden and dying. Only now he managed to discover the whereabouts of one of the bloodiest Nazis with whom he came across in the Dachau concentration camp. Friedrich Haas was the Dentist of Dachau, a man who used to pluck the teeth of jewish prisoners, one by one. With no other choice in hand, Jacob sends his grandson Jean Luc, a shy pacifist always clung to books, to fulfil a mission: kill the Nazis who escaped justice. Jean Luc engages in an odyssey throughout Portugal in search of Friedrich Haas - his teeth will be brought back to his grandfather.

Client: Salvador Sobral and Máquina de Escrever

Creative Direction: Eduardo Teixeira

Year: 2015

Work: Trailer Main Titles

© Eduardo Teixeira - All Rights Reserved

Salvador Sobral and Máquina de Escrever